Grace D.


Great personal trainer. As a personal trainer, nutritionist, and massage therapist he is very knowledgeable and will be able to give you the guidance needed to achieve any fitness goal desired. It takes a lot of hard work, but Greg won't let you quit. He will keep you motivated. Give him your time and dedication and he will give you results!

Elizabeth M.


If you are looking to swallow your excuses and work with someone who will hold you accountable to achieving your maximum potential, then you will be in good hands with Greg. I have been training for just a few weeks, and truthfully, I am achieving more than I thought was possible. In my opinion, Greg's dedication and commitment to his client's success put him a step above the rest. You will need to keep an open mind about a healthy diet and eating enough food to fulfill your body's caloric needs. I feel confident in trusting Greg's expertise and getting the end results that I want.

Chelsea L.


Greg is amazing! He really knows how to motivate you! But just know if you don't want to put the work in; you will get no where! He is always going to end up being right so listen to him! Eat right and never miss a session! Hell get you into shape fast! 😌 He really connects with his clients! He makes sure you're doing everything right even when you don't have a session with him that day! He pushes to get the best out of you! AMAZING!

Cassy D.


Overall, it's been a great experience. Greg has spent a lot of time with me just going over what my goals are as well as helping me realize what I need to do to get there. He really pushes during your workouts, but it's because he knows what you are capable of. Which for me is something I really need! He also gives advice on what he thinks you can do to better yourself, whether it be eating habits, or cardio. He is very honest with you and expects you to always try, and be the best that you can be. I would definitely recommend him! :)

Virginia H.


I think Greg is an awesome trainer. Greg is the type of trainer I have being looking for... One thing about him he say what he says and mean what he says when helping u to reach ur goals..... I will refer anyone and everybody to him.... Gotta love him!!!!!!

Kerisa C.


This is by far THE BEST experience I have had. Greg is amazing. Working with him is motivating and the accountability is priceless. This is by far the best personal trainer. I would recommend him to everyone. If you get a chance to check out the website, it's a great overview of the training and Colliers FX. If you are looking to feel stronger physically but also mentally, this is the perfect trainer. He is personable, passionate about helping others reach their potential and did I mention the BEST personal trainer. You won't want to go back to a bigger branded gym again. I have tried nearly every gym, diet, and even tried to look for personal trainers and just couldn't seem to find the right one until now. He's a great mentor, coach, and person. He will teach you what you need in order to be successful, but be sure to be ready to work for it. Best investment I have made in myself.

Beth P.


I have trained with Greg for approximately one year and not only have I seen changes to my body but also to my mind. He helped me realize that you can surpass any physical challenge if your mind is in the right place. He is extremely knowledgeably in comprehensive weight training and kinesiology. I would recommend anyone to him as I know it would change their life for the better!

Amber M.


Greg has mentored me a lot about true fitness and nutrition since I've started training with him. I have come so far with his help, farther than I ever could have thought possible. He constantly pushed me past my limits to show me that I could be better. He has turned into a dear friend of mine. His gym is by far the best one I've ever been to as everyone that comes here is family. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is serious about getting in shape.