We are the best.

No one in the Harker Heights, Killeen, or the Central Texas Area can claim to be as experienced and educated as our team.  You have a choice to train anywhere in the area.  Choose us because we have been there and done that.  Personal Training for us is more than what we can bring to the table.  

The question is what can you bring?  


Gregory F. Collier NASM CES, Licensed Massage Therapist 

Texas State championships 2002

John Sherman Bodybuilding Classic 2002 Open Light Heavyweight 3rd place

2001 SouthWest NPC Natural Regional 2nd place Heavyweight Open Men

2000 Lackland Classic Mens open 3rd Heavyweight

Shaun Kellys 2004 NPC Texas State Men's Master 2nd Place

2001 NPC Texas State Championship

I want to train those that want to change.  Whoever you are you are not alone.  I have met everyone and heard everything.  Your story is yours and yours alone.  However training is a partnership.  Remember that when it gets tough.  Trust me it will.


 Whatever steps you take we take them together, forward, never backward.  



Owner, Fitness Xpress

1999 Lackland Classic Mens Novice Heavyweight 1st Place

1997 NorthTexas Novice Mens Middle Weight 3rd Place

1995 Texas Open

Muscle and Flex Bodybuilding contest Ft. Hood Killeen 1994 2nd PlaceHood

NPC SouthWest USA 2nd Place

NPC SouthWest USA 3rd Place

Clint F. Cepeda MS, NASM PES

Master of Science, CALU

-Exercise Sports Science and Injury Prevention

University of Guam BA

Miller Football League 1996-2000

-Communications, min. Political Science

Guam National Physique Pepsi Nationals 2000

2004 LackLand Classic

2007 LackLand Classic

Owner, FitnessSciences21

Your mindset is your most important tool to be great.  You look to us for fitness answers.  I look right back at you and tell you it will always be, without a doubt your mindset.  


To change your weight or look don't listen to those that sell you an image.  We want to sell you on "you".  It is always you versus you and this is why your mindset will be your greatest fitness accomplishment.