If you want your child athlete to take it to the next level then invest in them.


The best thing for your child athlete to do to excel currently or go to the next level athletically is to train sport specifically.  Many parents want their child to be the best in their sport then invest in your child athlete and their skill set.  


We start from the begining and see exactly what we are working with.  The evaulation is to get you and your athlete to understand what the strengths and challenges we need to address.


Training is specific not general.  If your athlete is a football player then what position do we need to train?  If you are a point guard, how fast is your hand eye coordination?  As a baseball player how strong are your hips?  We can help you answer and evaulate these questions.

SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

Speed, agility, and quickness.  If you don't have it, you aren't playing.  Not everyone is born with talent but we can always nurture hard work.  Whatever natural ability you think you have speed, agility, and quickness need to be in your skill set. 

Cardio Pack

There is no way around it your cardio endurance is tested in every practice and every game.  No cardio no go.  Cardio packs are designed to be sport and position specific.  You should never short change your oxygen capacity.  You can outlast your opponent as long as your cardio is on point.